What Do I Do Now

What Do I Do Now?

When a loved one passes it turns your world upside down. The emotions that occur make it difficult to deal with the legality of the "estate." This is a resource and guidebook which will help explain practical steps that you should do to prepare for a loss and what needs to happen after someone passes.


Some Tips You Will Find in This Book


From the Author

"My Experience in a Nutshell..."

Having lost two husbands - one in 1969 and one in 2010 - I was appalled and overwhelmed with the increase in paperwork and procedures for the latter death.

It seemed to me a guide for those left behind would simplify life at a time when survivors are especially vulnerable and suffering extreme emotional stress.

...My intention is to help you proceed with the loved one's death so you are then better able to proceed with your own life.



What is something I should do before my loved one passes?

Make sure you have important paperwork (Last Will & Testament, life insurance policies etc.) in a safe place (a safety deposit box is a good place) and tell someone you trust where that information can be found.

Is a Power of Attorney for my loved one valid after his or her death?

Power of Attorney terminates with the death of a loved one.

Can I obtain multiple Death Certificates?

Yes. You can obtain multiple Death Certificates from the funeral parlor director. If you need more at a later date, you must then go to the Municipality where the person died.

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